Our Team


Since the beginning, Nourish has nurtured its employees to be advocates for the business. The health and well-being of our staff is a major factor in how cost effective, innovative and productive our company can be. Healthy, happy staff are more engaged, motivated and productive.

Nourish have recently been awarded the Investment in People accreditation, proving we can lead, successfully support and manage people for sustainable results.

Meet our Directors

Annette Ryan Murphy, Managing Director

Annette Ryan Murphy is a highly experienced director, holding two previous directorships before setting up the business in 2003. With over 25 years’ experience in Hotel, Leisure and Contract Catering, she is at ease with the challenges posed by management and encourages an inclusive and open working environment with her staff. Her passion for food stands alongside her way with people, on both a professional and personal platform. Both as a director and a colleague she manages to get the best out of everyone. A leader of the ‘food as fuel for learning program’, she prioritises the importance of nurturing food to a child’s development. In 2003 Nourish was created as a business that puts food first, promoting a balanced diet against a precedent of unhealthy fast food in schools. She ensures exceptional service standards are maintained, committing to termly review meetings throughout the duration of the contract, as well as frequent hands on business development at site level. For Annette, the future of Nourish is a bright one. She protects the identity of what was once a small family business, whilst recognising the importance of evolution within an ever-developing society. Her vibrancy and enthusiasm as a leader is truly inspirational and stands testament to the success of the business.

Suzanne Ailes, Senior Operations Director

Joining in 2014, Suzanne has brought more than 25 years of experience in both the Educational Sector and Business & Industry. A creative mind, she mixes management with innovation. Dealing with the day-to-day operations side of the business, she works alongside our staff to maintain flawless Nourish standards. At the helm of the ship, she steers staff in the right direction, relieves incoming issues and sets example for others to follow.

Duncan La Roche, Business Development Director

Duncan works to source new business and more importantly develop existing business. His strengths lie particularly in his knowledge of the sector which is beneficial in quality, merchandising and marketing current trends. Duncan works closely with our local suppliers ensuring the correct products are purchased and delivered in a cost effective, timely manner. Since joining in 2013, Duncan has thrived. Currently heading the Business Development sector, he knows Nourish inside out. With a young, enthusiastic mind, he is a diligent and dedicated leader who has a very bright future with the business.

Debbie Parkinson, Administration Director

Joining Nourish in 2005, Debbie’s role has evolved alongside the business. Initially working in one of Nourish’s biggest catering contracts, her experience and talent for organisation, has made her a pragmatic and approachable leader. Debbie has been responsible for running the Head Office for ten years; she controls our Payroll Department and works closely with our external support services. She is passionate about maintaining the highest Nourish standards and liaises with the operations team and directors to eliminate any challenges that may arise. 

Senior Management

Siobhan Djemal, Operations Executive

Siobhan’s ‘hands on’ operational approach has proved very successful with clients and staff alike. Understanding the challenges posed by working in a kitchen, Siobhan has a positive and practical approach to managing her staff. Having worked in School Catering for more than 20 years, her refreshing attitude achieves speedy results. Siobhan joined Nourish as a Senior Manager in 2008 and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2010.

Julie Watson, Food Development Executive

Julie joined Nourish in 2010 as an Operations Manager and is experienced in Workplace Catering, Customer Service and Primary School Catering. Since joining Nourish she has made a great addition to the team, with a positive attitude and a practical approach. She has worked within the catering industry for 25 years, and now runs our Food Development team. She crafts menus, working alongside the operations managers and directors to meet nutritional standards and develop new and innovative ideas for the business.